Tuesday, 4 September 2012

In-Short… discovering, promoting talent in film production

By Anote Ajeluorou

Now in its second edition, the Victor Okhai-led In-Short International Film Festival 2012 has announced entries for participants wishing to compete and showcase their short films from across the globe. While the entry closes late September, the festival will be held in Lagos from October 11-13 at Silverbird Galleria, Nigeria Film Corporation office, Lagos and The City Mall, Onikan, Lagos.
  There will also be workshops and seminars to teach film techniques to interested participants and the public.
  Okhai, who is also the president of International Institute of Film and Broadcast Academy, Lagos, stated recently that the festival was a developmental platform to discover and project hidden talents among young filmmakers from across the world. Working in partnership with the German Cultural Institute, Goethe Institut, Okhai restated the desire of the festival to provide a platform for experimental films, animation, documentary, long musical videos (like R. Kelly’s In the Closet or Michael Jackson’s Thriller), fiction films and mid-range movies for TV, which can find a platform of expression in the In-Short festival.
  He stated, “What we are is uniquely and positively different”, and said the future of Nigerian moviemaking tradition did not lie with the current crop of filmmakers, who popularised the sector, but with a new generation of filmmakers yet to be given the opportunity to express themselves. He added, “The pioneers have tried; they have sustained the industry but it needs to be taken to the future.
  “The future of Nollywood is for those not in the core of Nollywood at the moment. There are no opportunities for them yet. The real sponsors won’t look at the new generation of moviemakers because they don’t know them enough to give them a chance at financial leverage. A lot of these talents abound; most of their works are musical videos and commercials in international TV channels, corporate films shot for corporate bodies. What they are doing can compete with what their peers are doing globally. These talents range from bankers, lawyers and other professionals. What they need is the platform being offered by In-Short International Film Festival so they can express themselves better. They need events such as this for self-expression.
  “The festival is a platform where young people with great ideas can showcase talent. Short films are easier to make; most famous filmmakers started from short films; they are like call cards. If you go to You-Tube or Vimeo, you will appreciate talents in short films. At a festival like In-Short, people will come and discover young talents in short films and possibly give them a chance”.
  Apart from showcasing talents, participants stand a chance to compete with filmmakers from across the globe in several categories. In last year’s first edition, Nigeria’s Folasakin Wajomo won in the Best Screen category with Not Today (10 minutes/fiction); Best Sound went to Mohammed Musulimi’s 500 Dollars (8 minutes/fiction); Best Editing also went to Nigeria’s Tope Ogun’s Yong Smoker (10 minutes/fiction); Best International Short Film went to Kenya’s Ziporrah Nyanyuri’s Zebu and the Photo Fish (13 minutes/fiction).
  Other winners were Best Actor in Nigeria’s Benedict Aromeh’s Director in Direc-toh (30 minutes/documentary), Best Actress in Chika Anadu’s Ava in AVA (9 minutes/fiction), Best Documentary went to Bimbo Ogunsanya’s Unique Fingers (14 minutes), Best Cinematography, Best Director and Best Film went to Imoh Umoren’s All Sorts of Trouble (22 minutes/fiction).

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